Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smart Cookie company....not so smart!

So I had a great coupon from the "Entertainment Book."  It was for a new cookie store called "Smart Cookie" and its up by the new movie theater on Union Park Ave.  The coupon was for buy 6, get 6 free.  Cool!!!

I get there on a Saturday afternoon and there is only 2 girls working.  One finally comes out and starts helping customers.  I was #3 in line.  I ended up waiting for over 15 minutes...(Bad sign #1).  The second girl never came out to help.  I ordered my 12 cookies and noticed that they don't sell cookies by 6...they only sell by:
1 cookie= $2
4 cookies=$6
8 cookies= $10
12 cookies= $15

So since they didn't sell half dozen, I figured they would just do half price of the dozen.  WRONG!!!  (Bad sign #2).  They charged me for 4 and 2 $10....what a HUGE SAVINGS!!!  That wasn't a good deal at all!  I tried to explain to the workers that the half dozen would be better...but they looked at me like I was speaking in Swahili.

When I got home, I wrote to their company head quarters.  I got an email back (Bad sign #3):


I appreciate your comments and feedback. We're new to the Entertainment book just this year.

The employee you saw in the back would have been my baker, and she would have been baking. She's in-charge of all kitchen production. I apologize if you got caught in the middle of a big rush.  It happens from time to time.

As the new books are not yet printed, I have yet to see a printed copy of the coupon (I assume you got this coupon off their website?), but I'm fairly certain it says "Enjoy one complimentary 1/2 DOZEN _ COOKIES when a second 1/2 DOZEN _ COOKIES of equal or greater value is purchased".  You were charged $10 for 12, because our menu price is $10 for 6, or normally $15 for 1 dozen.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, but I think the offer is clearly stated.  Again, my apologies for causing any stress or unhappiness to you.

We hope to see you again.

SO,....I felt tricked!  They don't SELL a "Half dozen."  This was sneaky and misleading.  I wrote them back and told them I felt tricked.  They didn't seem to care!!

So..."Smart Cookie"......NOT SO SMART after all!!

P.S.  If your interested...the cookies are WONDERFUL!!!!!!  YUM!


Larissa said...

Smart cookie is THE best cookie bakery I have ever been to. Trust me, I've had cookies in all 50 states and several countries. As an avid coupon user myself, I understand the sorrow coupon confusion can bring. But, you have to admit those cookies are worth every single penny even at full price. Their prices are a little steep, but a yummy ice cream cookie sandwich for $3 pre- or post-movie is a deal! My favorites are the lemon drop sugar cookies. I'm glad the displeasure of cost didn't trick you into not liking the taste:-)

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