Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you laugh or cry?

I had a "fun" week with Rachel this week.  She has definitely broken into her "terrible 2" stride.

She has a STRONG opinion about what she wears...."No mommy!  PINK pants" or "Elmo shirt."

She also can be a picky eater.  She is funny though because she likes foods with SPICY!  We had a more "tame" type meal tonight for dinner and she wanted nothing to do with it, but give her a really spicy salsa and shes in heaven!  I just don't get it!

She likes to SNEAK treats from the candy bowl.  This week, she also grabbed a doughnut and ran away to her room to hide and eat as much as she could get away with before I got her.

On to the point of this post....I guess the culmination of the terrible 2's week was when I was getting my sharing time done and I had left Rachel alone for 5 minutes while I went in the other room and she got a little stool and put it by her dresser and got a brand new container of baby powder and proceeded to RE-DECORATE her room.

 Here she has her foot on the offending stool that started it all!
 The diaper genie even got a DUSTING. 
 Her doll house got re-decorated too.
 She filled her play kitchen sink with the baby powder......
 AND the stove!
 She thought it was fun to swirl her hand in it to make a big cloud (Thats when I stopped her).
What a MESS!!!!

 This is when I couldn't figure out whether to laugh or cry.  I decided that even though it wasn't funny THEN, it sure is now.  Hopefully you can have a good laugh at this too and the hour that Aubrey, Katelyn and I spent cleaning the mess that it took her 5 minutes to make.

Ahh yes, the terrible 2's!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My fifth Sunday sharing time is ready!

I got this super cute idea from Little LDS ideas.  The direct link to the "Scripture Bowl" idea is HERE.

This is my version of the idea.  I used legal sized hanging folders for the "field" and whiteout for the yard line markers.  I used a cricut to make the players, letters, football, numbers etc.  I printed the cards from her website onto colored cardstock that related with the color she used.  I am excited to see how the kids in Primary like it!  Here is the finished project: