Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Royal (Medieval) Feast...upon the words of Christ activity

Last month for Primary we had a Medieval Feast.  We had everyone come dressed as a king, prince, knight, princess, queen, etc.

One of my super talented counselors made this cute castle.  We took everyone's pictures in front of it.  We got them printed at Costco and gave them each a picture and also made a copy for the bishop so he could have "flash cards" to help him learn the kids names.  We also had the group shot enlarged and we hang it up each Sunday to remind the kids they are Royalty.

We got 3 of the long tables and put them end to end to make a ROYAL banquet table!

I found some inexpensive plastic goblets and filled them with grape juice.  We had candle sticks down the length of the table (didn't light them, of course) for decoration.  We set each place with a "menu."  The menu was all scripture references.  (the menu is listed at the bottom and I can email it to you as a word doc)

We started by having them decorate crowns with royal jewels.

We told the story of putting on the armor of God from  and had one of the young men in the ward be the knight/warrior.

We played a "guess who I am" from the scriptures.  Again, one of my counselors wrote these up.  It was of the kings, knights and queens that are referenced in the scriptures.

Then, we told of Leviathan the "dragon" from the Old Testament (Found in Job 41).  When the story was told, we translated some of the tricky wording...or made it so they knew what they were talking about...(canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? ie.....can you catch him).  So we read the scripture and then explained it in wording they could understand.

We then had them look up the scriptures to figure out what we would have to eat at our royal feast.

I only made some of the food that is on the list.  We had YUMMY food!

Here is the list of "who am I"

Who am I?

I was the king of the Babylonian empire who conquered Judah and the Israelites. I had a dream that I didn’t understand. I called all of the magicians and wise men together to answer my questions about my dream. I told them that if they couldn’t tell me about my dream I would put them to death.  When they couldn’t answer my questions, I sentenced them to death.  Daniel, who had been thrown in the Lion’s den, was one of the wise men. He received a vision from God that answered the questions of my dream. Who Am I?
I am the same king as before. I made a golden image and commanded that all in my kingdom should bow down to it. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not bow down to the idol because they had been taught not to worship any thing except gold. I told these men that if they wouldn’t bow down I would throw them into a firey furnace. They still would not bow down so I had my guards throw them into the furnace. When I looked into the fire a saw four men in the fire walking around without injury. An angel saved these men from death.

I was the wife of King Ahasuerus. My uncle Mordecai heard of a sort of contest where all the maidens of the land were to be brought before the king. He would choose one for a wife. The king chose me. The king’s servant Haman hates my uncle Mordecai and knows that he is a Jew. He gets the king to make a law that all Jews will be banished from the kingdom. The king did not know that I was a Jew. I went to speak to the king on penalty of death if he didn’t want to see me. I went to see him anyway and won freedom for the Jews and Haman was banished instead.

I gave an address to the people in the land of Nephi and gathered  them around the temple so they could hear me. Those that were further away were given the words that I spoke in writing. I asked the people to enter into a covenant to keep the commandments of God, and they did. After my address there was continual peace in all the land.
King Benjamin

I fought a Giant with my sling and stones. I struck the Giant down and was eventually made king of Israel. I was a good king, but I made some wrong choices and spent the later end of my life repenting for the bad decisions I had made.

I was known as a wise king. Two women who were fighting over a baby brought the baby to me to have me decide who the baby belonged to. I told them to cut the baby in half and each women should receive half. One of the women said to go ahead and cut the baby in half. The other said to give it to the first woman that she would rather the baby live. I knew that this woman was the real mother of the baby.

I was the king of a great land. A man was sold to be one of my slaves. When I had a dream about a fat cow and a starving cow I looked all over the land to find someone who could tell me what the dream meant. This man told me that the dream meant I would have seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Who am I?
Pharoah, Joseph

I was the adopted prince of Egypt for a short time. It was thought that I would eventually become the pharaoh. But when I found out that my true heritage belonged to the slaves that ran the kingdom, I decided to join them instead. I eventually led the children of Israel out of Egypt and to the promised land.

I was taught by a missionary named Ammon who served me with my flocks for a time. He saved my flocks from being stolen. When he told me about the gospel, I fell over as if dead. My servants and family thought that I was dead and right before they buried me, my wife called for Ammon who told me to rise and I did and told the people all that I knew about the gospel. Many in my kingdom were converted.

My name means princess. I was the wife of Abraham and later in my life I  became the mother of Isaac and the grandmother of Jacob, who would be the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.

And here is our MENU (I can email this all formatted with a cool look in a word doc.  I have it with and without the answers) :

Judges 4:19 (milk)
Genesis 24:17 (water)
Amos 9:14 (wine = grape juice or grape Kool-aid)

Jonah 4:6 (gourd = squash)
Genesis 41:5 (corn)
2 Chron 7:20 (root = carrot)

Exodus 12:18 (unleavened bread = pita)
Numbers 11:9 (manna = couscous)
Amos 9:9 (grain = rice)

Leviticus 25:7 (cattle = ground beef)
Nehemiah 3:3 (fish = tuna)
Ezekial 17:23 (fowl = chicken)

Leviticus 24:5 (cake)
Deut 26:2 (fruit)
Jeremiah 24:1 (figs = fig newtons)

Zechariah 9:13 (sword = knife)
Numbers 7:14 (spoon)
Exodus 20:25 (lift up tool = fork)
 2 Samuel 12:3 (cup)
Job 37:18 (glass)
2 Kings 4:6 (vessel = paper cup)

 We had a WONDERFUL time!  Let me know if I can help you do your own Feast...upon the words of Christ.  If you would like me to email you the word documents of the menus, let me know.


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