Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book of Mormon stories...REVISITED...via the APP now!

DO you  remember when I shared my post about the Illustrated stories from the Book of Mormon?  They have improved upon them!  It used to be that you would download the books and they would go to iBooks.  NOW....they have their OWN APP!  This takes up a LOT less space on your iPad/ iPhone/ iTouch.....you get the idea!  Plus, all the books are together so you don't have to hunt through your iBooks!  (Next step...reinvent the wheel!)
This is what the app icon looks like

This app has been such a blessing to my family!  My 4 year old daughter LOVES nothing more than iPad/ iTouch time!  She asks to "Read her scriptures"...which entails opening up this app and having the stories read to her.  Its so amazing that little kids can navigate and use electronics!  (Most of the time even better than adults!)  *But that is beside the point!*  So my daughter will spend a good hour just going through the scripture stories.  She is getting to know all the people and the stories really well!  I am glad that I have this resource to introduce her to the great stories from our scriptures!

Some of the GREAT features:
The beloved, original books are now available as a 32 book enhanced, self-reading series. Each book contains a scholarly abridgment of the Book of Mormon, colorful interpretive illustrations, and a dramatized recording of the text--in addition to the full text of the Book of Mormon.

The Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon allow readers of all ages to enjoy the language, the spirit and the stories of the scriptures. Watch the Book of Mormon come to life for you and your family as you read, or let the stories read themselves aloud to you.

Book one is free and includes the story of Nephi and his family in Jerusalem. The remaining books may be purchased as a set within the app.

The 32 book set includes:

• 2,000+ newly designed pages
• 1,100+ original hand-painted illustrations
• 8+ hours of dramatized audio
• The full text of the Book of Mormon

Interactive features:
• Drop-down bookmark menu on each page
• Turn read-aloud audio on and off
• Turn automatic page turning on and off
• Show the full text of the Book of Mormon
• Quickly navigate to any Book of Mormon chapter

THE BEST PART OF ALL......They are on an introductory special for only $29.99 for the FULL SET of books (ALL 32)....It works out to be LESS THAN $1 per book!  Hurry though,  This is for a limited time!  Think of the easy FHE lessons! 


Grandin Press, The publisher of these fabulous books has generously given me the opportunity to give some FULL SETS AWAY to lucky readers!  The more entries into the giveaway, the more sets will be given away!  :-)  Spread the word!

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I was given a set of the scripture stories to try out and review but all opinions and stories expressed are my own.

Dial celebrates 65 YEARS!

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