Saturday, July 21, 2012

Backpack insert review and giveaway


I can remember my mom griping at me about carrying too many books in my backpack in high school. When I went to college, I lived at one end of campus and when I left in the morning, I had to take everything for the whole day with me.  I had a full class load and tutored math, so I didn't get to come home until late in the day.  This would have SAVED ME!!!

Here we are with back to school season starting....The stores have crayons, pencils, and notebooks out already.  So  since were talking back to school, here is something great for your kids...

This is an exclusive look at a brand new product that is just being released.  You will want one for each of your kids!  This is called the SpinePal.

SpinePal in backpack

This is an insert for your backpack that will allow your books to be up against your spine and not flopping around.  It keeps all the weight to the back and up against your spine so its better for your back.  It also makes your backpack stand up rather than falling over.  It works with most any backpack (so you can use that hello kitty, spiderman, princess, etc backpack).

The rolling packs give you a false sense of health because they still have to pick it up to put it in and out of the car or bus.  Plus....will they REALLY roll it?  REALLY?

The insert is quite simple to use:

1) Open backpack fully, loosen all straps
2) Make sure the arm bars are collapsed
3) Place the insert into the pack----without yet loading any textbooks into the insert
4) Expand the arm bars
5) Load Laptop into compartment closest to the back
6) Load Text books into the insert--by putting the heaviest books closer to the back-the text books can be put in vertically or horizontally depending on the size
7) Use the interior expanded area near the expanded belts for lighter material (i.e. lunch bag, jacket, folders)

The insert should only have to be placed "once" into the bag.
The pack can be hung from ..for example an interior school locker hook. However, it is designed for the zipper of the pack to be opened up exposing accessing to the insert/ books (like unzipping a garment bag).
It would not require taking the insert out of the pack.

Mark Viau and his 2 kids are the inventors of this great product.

Mark Viau, Deja Viau and Canyon Viau (pronounced "VIEW")

 I totally wish I had this in college!

Here is the YOUTUBE video with more information, or check out their Facebook page.

You can be the first to own this great product!  Just email MarkThey will take your credit card info &  how many you are buying.  

You will also get a free KoolSpoon with your purchase.  (I reviewed these HERE)


Now for the best part.....They are giving one away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

10% off Pampered Chef & Giveaway

I love Pampered Chef stuff.  I love to cook.  I guess that goes hand in hand.  There are so many fun gadgets and "must have" items! 

Some of my favorites:  

The deep covered baker.  It is so useful in making "quick" dinners.  You can microwave chicken breasts in the microwave and they turn out so moist and juicy!  (you can even use them partially frozen!)

Make-Your-Own Chips Set.  Make super yummy chips in your microwave!  They are sooo GOOD!

Manual Food Processor.  You can make salsa in seconds and so much more. I like to use it to chop strawberries (for strawberry shortcake).

Mix ‘N Chop.  Its great for when you forget to thaw some hamburger.  You just drop that brick of meat in the pan and mash at it with the mix 'n chop!  Its great!!

Quick Stir pitcher.  I LOVE this!  It mixes your drink with the push of a plunger.

I will be placing an order on July 30th.

I will give you 10% off your ENTIRE order


Spend $60 or more and get the Ice Cream Scoop FREE!

You can order on my website.  Go to my facebook page and you will find a link.

Just click on "SHOP" on the lower left side. Choose option 1 (invited to a show) and type in lorri

The 10% discount won't show up on the website, but I will make sure you get it...or you can email me your order.

  Now for the giveaway...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am an independent consultant 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's be honest

Let's be honest....I really don't love to do laundry, dishes, house cleaning, chores, pay the bills, etc, etc, etc....who does, really?  REALLY?  These are all things that must (Unfortunately) be it or not.  Most of the time I recruit my little "helpers" to get laundry folded and things picked up.

Purex has just released a fun new promotion that makes light of the "challenging" things in life.  Right now there are 18 funny videos.  Some of my favorites are "Diet Soda,"  "Lost and Found," and "Two's a Pair."'  (I have honestly worn mis-matched socks because I couln't find the match.)

You can find the videos on Purex or on YOUTUBE.

Now for the best part....

Go watch the videos...  while your there, like, share, and retweet your favorite.  Come back and report your favorite one, your tweet, share, and like.  Leave a comment for each you do.  You will get one entry per thing you do.  You could get lots of entries!

3 LUCKY winners will each win a free bottle of PUREX!

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