Monday, May 10, 2010

Grand Canyon......or Oceanside, CA

On Sunday, we were on our way to the Grand Canyon for a week of hiking and camping when we got a call from John's parents. They called to see if we were still was snowing....they got 2 inches of snow in 30 minutes. We started to ponder if this would be a vacation we would regret. We were already on the road. If we go and its snowing, we would have to camp in our minivan....not too fun. The snow would melt and make the hiking trails muddy...again, not too fun.

We decided to make a course correction and go to California instead.

We went as far as Barstow and camped that night.

In the morning, we hurried to get to Lego land. It just so happened it was homeschool day...and it just so happened that I hadn't deleted the email from JANUARY! We ran to big lots and bought a printer to print out that email.

We had a fun day at legoland and camped at the beach in Carlsbad. We stayed on the beach for 3 nights. We played at the beach and in the ocean. Had tons of fun!

On Thursday we went to the Oceanside farmers market. We also found a super yummy fish market restaurant.

We stayed with family on Thursday and Friday. It was wonderful to catch up with them!

Saturday we drove home...what a long drive! It was about 95* in the car with no A/C.

What a fun trip!!!


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