Monday, May 24, 2010

SNOW!!??? It's the end of may....I'm crying out loud!

So this morning, I was going to go out and work on the garden some more.  I heard the rain on the roof and decided to take a short "nap" instead.  When I woke up, I found SNOW!!!  Luckily I hadn't planted I run to the back to check on my plants....YEP...buried in snow.  I quickly brush off the snow and try to find a spot out of the direct line of fire (snow).  Most will be ok....but one of my trays of plant was REEEEEALY covered.  That one is in the bathtub right now to thaw.  I hope they all pull through this!  I will be super mad if they die!  They cost so much and for mother nature to wipe out my garden for the summer (and all my fruit trees!) in one fatal swoop would just be mean!

Now I am trying to figure out: If April showers bring May flowers...what does May SNOW STORMS bring?! (and do I WANT to know?)


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