Sunday, August 16, 2015

Book Review: Happy Bento

About the book:
Liven up your lunch box! Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or any day of the week, traditional Japanese Bento boxes are trendier than ever and they encourage kids of all ages to eat healthy foods by making them cute and colorful! These fun food craft projects let you create themed edible designs that are just as much fun to make as they are to eat!

About the author:
As a child, Anna was a very picky eater.  Although she has learned to love new foods, she is still picky.  Anna wanted her children to have a well-rounded palate and explore new foods.  She discovered bento lunches when her daughter started preschool and needed a packed lunch.  Packing meals in a cute and fun way has encouraged her kids to eat healthy and try new foods.  For Anna, making bento lunches is a fun hobby that offers an outlet for her creativity.

From Reidhead Randomness:
F.U.N.  That is the theme of this darling book!  Made with healthy ingredients, this book will show MANY fun lunches with themes ranging from seasonal, to holidays, to different animals.  Every idea is great!  This super cute book guides you with great instructions, and plenty of pictures, so you will be successful!  Some of the ideas I had never seen or heard shaping a hard boiled egg!  If you use even just a few of the ideas from Happy Bento!, your kids will look forward to lunch!  This would also be a great way to introduce new foods...because they are presented so FUN!  There is a section of "supplies" as well as a "shopping" section at the end. This is a great introductory book for beginners of Bento. Some of my favorite themes were:  Super Mario Brothers, Adventures in Wonderland, Angry Birds, SHARK week, Pi day (Of course....since I am a self proclaimed math nerd!), Halloween, and the Spring box.  These would be super fun to make, and I know any kid would be glad to dive into any of these creations!

I received a copy of this book in order to write my review, however all opinions expressed are my own. 


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