Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review: We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father

We Are Daughters blog tourAbout the book:
Learn the importance of the words you repeat each week. This inspirational book helps you better understand the Young Women theme by breaking down each section and sharing the story of how and why the theme was created. Discover your divine potential and how important you are in God’s plan! Thought provoking and uplifting, this book offers new insights for parents, leaders, and all young women.

About the author:
Jen Brewer got her degree in dietetics from BYU, married her husband, and spent the next 10 years traipsing around the country with him as he pursued a medical degree, while adding children to their ever-growing family.  They have now settled in Minnesota, where she works full time as a mother of 7, as well as pursues her passions of nutrition education, speaking to the youth, and writing.   She speaks often to various groups of all ages.  Her passion is reaching out to the youth and helping them see their true potential in the kingdom of God.  She is a popular speaker at education week youth track, as well as at stakes and wards all over the country.

From Reidhead Randomness:
What a wonderful book that will break down each line and phrase of the Young Woman's theme.  It does a great job explaining the words and meanings of the theme.  You will appreciate the theme even more, after you read the wonderful story of how the theme came to be!!

(Guest post from my 12 year old daughter)
We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father Striving to Live the Young Woman Values gives insight to those who are learning the purpose of the Young Woman's values.  I loved this book so much!   It's a great book, and a definite reread.  I will never think of the young woman's theme the same way again. Jen Brewer wrote a book that is very uplifting and spiritual but may "sting a little". I liked that at the end of each chapter that there was a reflection page that talks about how to get closer to our Heavenly Father personally. It doesn't just talk about the values, but also the context of the rest of the theme. I loved it and I recommend it to any age young woman, parent, and leaders.

I received a copy of this book in order to write my review, however all opinions expressed are my own.


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