Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: I Can Pray EVERY DAY

I Can Pray blog tourAbout the book:
“Heavenly Father hears my prayers. I know He listens and He cares.” This adorable board book is the perfect way to teach your little ones when, where, and how to pray. With colorful illustrations, rhyming text, and simple reminders of eternal truths, it’s bound to become a family favorite in your home.

About the author:
Catherine loves books. She reads books, writes books, edits books, collects books, and even shelved books at the library for her first job. She also loves to travel and explore the world with her husband, Jon, and her daughter, Juliette. Catherine earned her BA from Brigham Young University. She grew up in England and now lives in Springville, Utah.

About the illustrator:
Corey Egbert has illustrated over ten books for children and numerous other publications. He has also exhibited his work in galleries and won awards for his handmade prints and digital illustrations. He lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with his wife, his son, and their orange tabby.

From Reidhead Randomness: 
Searching for a new "Sacrament Book"?  This fun  book will have your little ones saying "I can Pray" in no time!  It shares many ways we can pray to our Heavenly Father with colorful pictures, and easy words (and the font is large and easy to read).  Children will request this for bedtime stories, Family Home Evening, and Sacrament/ Reverent time.  This is a great tool that we can use to teach little children about prayer!  I plan to use it in my sharing times for Primary!  My 3 daughters gave it 6 thumbs up!

I received a copy of the book in order to write my review, however all opinions expressed are my own.


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