Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The garden is done...FINALLY!

After slaving away for hours and hours over the course of a week and some change......THE GARDEN IS DONE!  I fought waist deep weeds.  Banished snails.  Toiled with snakes.  Wrestled the wild ground cloth.  Strong armed bark and dirt.  But alas, ITS DONE!  I spent almost the whole day in the garden yesterday.  I got everything (including seeds) planted!  Whew!  What an accomplishment.  I have a nice garden area...and a good sunburn....to show for it.

As I worked in the garden, I pondered why the prophet has said to plant a garden.  Here are my top 10 reasons:

10. To teach us hard work and...exercise.
9.  So we know how to grow our own food...*just in case*
8.  To teach us patience (helping the kids isn't easy).
7.  To spend time with our kids and family. (Yep, I let them help with the planting...took FOREVER!)
6.  To teach us to have patience (when the snails devouter my freshly planted things)
5.  To give us time to meditate as we do a mundane chore (weed pulling).
4.  To "ground" us....using our hands and body to work in the dirt makes us healthier.
3.  To help us understand the "life cycle"  (seed, sprout, grow, bear fruit, die).
2.  To give us a sense of accomplishment.
1.  To TORTURE US....*mwahh ha ha haaaa!*  (I have lots of sore muscles!)

Let me know if you have any ideas of why the prophet has asked us to plant a garden.

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Lacey said...

so driving home the other day I saw a sign in someone's yard that said "free weeds, you pick em" I thought of you of course and picking all those weeds. you need this sign ;) lol!

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