Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What can 10 years do?

Today as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, I look back at the last 10 years and all that has happened.

What can 10 years do? 

1.  It changes cute kids into teenagers / adults (Johns younger brothers, for example).
2.  We have 3 cute kids of our own.
3.  We have gone to college.
4.  John has had many jobs.
5.  I have become a mom and worked on this job for almost 8 of those years.
6.  We have a home that we have been in for 7 years.
7.  We have grown as people...and grown UP!!
8.  We have made many choices....most good, some not so good.

My list can go on and on.....and as I ponder on this today, I will probably add to the list.

What has the last 10 years brought for you?

What will the next 10 bring?


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