Friday, December 4, 2015

Nitro Circus in Salt Lake City, UT


As I mentioned HERE Nitro Circus came to town.

What a super fun night we had attending the Nitro Circus!  This could give any mother a heart attack....  and gives new meaning to "look mom!  NO HANDS!"

The adrenaline was pumping through the whole stadium as the people flew down ramps and super high into the air!  I would get butterflies in my stomach watching them.

One guy on a motocross bike did "the worm" move as he sailed through the air holding onto the back of his motorcycle.  Another got the idea to have multiple people on the bike...up to 3 people on one motorcycle....and do a flip!

They would show videos of the MANY wipeouts and tragedys that happen in this dangerous sport.  One of them was when a man landed wrong, and broke his spine.  He is now paralyzed from the waist down.  That didn't stop him though.  OH NO!  They got him off his wheelchair, strapped him ONTO the motorcycle...and he still continues to ride...and flip!
This was my attempt at capturing the 20 riders upside down at the same time...not very successful.

One of my FAVORITE moments was when they had EVERY one of the people in the show UPSIDE DOWN....AT THE SAME TIME!!!  There were 20 riders!  OMGoodness!  It was incredible!

They didn't just ride bikes, scooters and rollerblades...they got bathtubs, whiskey barrels, wheelbarrows, snowmobiles, skiis, an armchair couch thing, and many other crazy things!  They even did piggy back rides...with flips!

They were in SLC as their second to last stop for the year, but they will begin again in 2016!  So get your tickets NOW!

If you go:

1. Bring ear plugs, because the volume is SUPER LOUD!
2. Note that there was a little bit of crude-ish language.  It wasn't TERRIBLE, but noteworthy none the less.
3. Through the show (as they set up for the next part), they show images from OLD circuses.  Some of them were a little disturbing...but you can just not watch the screen while that is going on.
4. There was a just a couple times when guys would make a crude gesture.

Overall, we had a WONDERFUL time!  It was amazing to see these talented athletes!

Thanks for the tickets, nitro circus, so I was able to write a review!


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