Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Doubt your Doubts

Doubt Your Doubts blog tourAbout the book:
Why don’t women hold the priesthood? How should we deal with homosexuality? What about evolution? Even your toughest gospel questions can become testimony-builders with this timely and informative book. Unafraid to address hot-button issues, this is an eye-opening read that will strengthen your faith, help you confront controversial topics, and find answers you can apply to your everyday life.

About the author:
Chad has a BS (BYU) and MS (Boston U) in philosophy. He has been a seminary and institute teacher for the CES for 20 years. He was a philosophy professor at BYU for 7 years. He was an EFY speaker and session director for 5 years. He is the author of Out of the Killing Fields and Into the Light and Daily Discipleship with CFI.

From Reidhead Randomness:

Many difficult topics are covered in Doubt your Doubts.  This informative and ponderable book gives you direct quotes from the Scriptures, Prophets, and Apostles, as well as commentary from the author as guidance in interpreting them.  Each chapter is a stand alone, so you can read just the areas of interest, without having to read the entire book.  The book will offer help, guidance, and insights to many people including youth, leaders, and all members of the LDS church. 

I received this book to write a review, however all opinions expressed are my own


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