Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Avon 20% discount!

How long has it been?  Did you know that Avon is still alive and thriving!?  They offer so many fun things from jewelery and makeup to perfume and clothes!  If you haven't seen a brochure in a while, you should check them out!

 Visit Lorri's website.  You will receive 20% off your order.  If you live in the SLC area, she will give you a direct 20% off your order.  If you order online, she will mail you a check for the 20% rebate of the net price.

ALSO,  if you order $30 or more in campaign 23, you will receive a free gift!

 In addition, (Direct Delivery Only)
Enter Coupon Code: FSC23

Make sure when your shopping you see her picture at the top of the website.

Must visit site between October 16-31 for rebate to be valid.

left gutter brochure v gutter CAMPAIGN 23 - SHOP MY BROCHURE right gutter
Shop my Store in Spanish forward to a friend
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Come back and comment when you make a purchase and let us know what fun things you find!


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