Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update to the book slings/ holders

I finally got around to showing you what the finished project looks like from my previous post HERE.  These were really simple to sew.  I just cut my fabric to the length of the dowel less space to mount it in the brackets I picked up from LOWES (Like these).  Then I layed the fabric flat  (right side up) and folded it in half (right sides inside).  I stitched the end (so it was like a round tube) and then made it so the seam was in the middle rather than the end (still with the right sides in).  I stitched all the way around leaving a small spot to turn it back right side out.  After turning it, I stitched the end shut.  Then I just wrapped the top side of each end around backward (making the rod pocket) and sewed it down.  I put some ribbon across the seam and a bow.  I think they turned out cute!  My girls LOVE them!

This is Katelyn's.

It's nice because we don't have the clutter of books kicking around in their bed anymore....

  And falling down behind the bed and getting lost......and the library fines are *Hopefully* a think of the past!

This one is Aubrey's.  She is my AVID reader!  I can't keep up with her!  She LOVES her book holder because she can jam her 50 library books in and she is almost always reading about 3 books at a time (as you can see from her picture with 3 books being "marked").

I think in all it took me about an hour for both.

These have been great!


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