Sunday, November 13, 2016

Faith and a Life Jacket: Book review

faith-and-a-life-jacket-november-1-14-2016-blog-tourAbout the book:
Don’t just be prepared–be prepared well. Ben Bernards, popular youth speaker, presents this adventurous book of seven guiding rules and lessons to help train a new generation of missionaries. These invaluable lessons, from God’s measure of success to unexpected difficulties in the field, will apply to any missionary’s call, readying them for the great and challenging experiences of the Lord’s work..

About the author:
Ben Bernards grew up in a big Mormon family in a small farming town in the heart of Utah County where he and his eight brothers and sisters were raised on a steady diet of Nintendo, Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, and Star Wars. He geeks out on all that plus everything marching band, Marvel, and Tolkien (his autographed edition of Lord of the Rings is pretty much the coolest.)
He loves teaching youth the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whether it be in Seminary, Sunday School, at youth conferences or EFY. He served a mission on the Fiji Islands where he survived cyclones, rampaging natives, and swarms of giant bats while living in a hut in the jungle. (He still hasn’t convinced his wife to go back and visit.)

From Reidhead Randomness:
The seven truths are great guides for any trials that will come our way.  This is a combination of FABULOUS commentary from Ben Bernards, quotes from General Authorities, and scriptures.  Of the 7 truths from the book, my favorite was Truth #6 (success ain't what you think; God measures it differently).

Here are the 7 Truths:
#1  It's going to be harder than you think, but it's possible with God's help.
#2  Evil is real, but God is more powerful
#3  Miracles happen, and they're unlocked by patient obedience
#4  Timing is everything, and it's in God's hands.
#5  Love the people.  There is no substitute.
#6  Success Ain't what you think; God measures it differently
#7  Forget yourself and go to work.

This was a very inspiring book!  I very much enjoyed it, and highly recommend it.



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