Monday, October 31, 2016

The Sacrament is for Me:book review

jessica-ellingsons-the-sacrament-is-for-me-october-14-28-blog-tourAbout the book:
The sacrament is the most important part of the Sabbath day—and our week. Teach your little ones about the sacred sacrament and how they can apply it in their everyday lives, from the playground to piano lessons. Help your children start each week right and understand the reason behind the reverence of Jesus’s eternal sacrifice, love, and example.

About the author:
Jessica Ellingson grew up in the small town of Blanding, Utah. She moved to Utah Valley to attend school — BYU and UVU — and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English. Jessica and her cave-dweller husband, Tyler, currently live in Lehi, Utah, near the Jordan River.

From Reidhead Randomness:
This is a great book!  It has darling illustrations and fun rhyming verse.  It talks about the sacrament and how we should act, and teaches about it too!  This would be great to add to your church bag, or to read on Sunday, or as a Family Home Evening story.  What a great addition to your collection this book can be!  I love it!


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