Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ozobot Tryazon Party

I had the wonderful experience of trying Ozobots through Tryazon!  They sent me a pack of goodies, and I was able to share with my party.  (I did purchase the markers).

The Ozobots are an amazing "toy".  My kids LOVED to play with them....but I think the adults has as much (or MORE) fun than the kids did.  

You can program these cute little robots to follow a color code.  They can do tricks (like turbo speed, spin in a tornado, reverse, etc). 
There is a whole library of codes that they can understand!  Your kids can learn simple coding using these cuties!

They also include little "helmets" that cover them.  The markers that are used are the Red, Black, Green, and Blue.  They sell a set, but we found that most any markers worked nearly as well.

You can download the app, and it contains lots of information (including the codes).

Overall, I think everyone loved it, and after the party, it was added (and moved to the top) of all of the kids at the party's Christmas wish list!


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