Friday, June 5, 2015

Book review: The song of my father

Song-of-My-Father-Blog-BannerAbout the book:
“Good will come from this.” Chris had heard her father repeat those words countless times as a child. As she grew, her father’s faith and optimism inspired her through many difficult times. Despite losing her childhood home to a devastating fire and then later enduring years surgeries and convalescence, she learned to look for the good in everything. But then something so horrific happened, Chris was afraid her father’s song had stopped forever. This uplifting true story will inspire you to have hope, even on your darkest days.

About the author:
Chris Hall maintains she is one of the most unlikely authors you will ever meet, as it was never in any of her life plans to write a book. Her writing experience began without forethought or intention on her part.
It started on a summer day, while she working in her flower beds. A thought came clearly into her mind—then another, and another. Ideas started coming to her so frequently that she finally decided to keep a yellow legal pad and pencil with her wherever she went so that she no longer had to resort to writing on the back of the receipts in her purse. No one could have been more amazed than she when she realized she was actually writing a book.
Her first book, Conversations with a Moonflower, was published in March 2011.
Chris is never happier than when she and her husband are surrounded by their eight children and spouses and their thirty-two grandchildren. She lives in Utah with her husband, Duane.

From Reidhead Randomness:

As you begin the book, you are taken on an emotional journey through the authors experiences of her childhood and her fathers passing.  Many important lessons are shared as you continue through the pages of this endearing book.  Such tender moments reminded me of how precious life is and the importance of keeping records and journals to be able to read through memories and stories later in life. 

In one story from the book, the dad taught his family compassion by taking in and helping a homeless man.  It is a sweet story that could serve a great example to all of us.  After her fathers passing, there were many people that told stories of kindness that he had done for  them or others.  They had never heard the stories before, but weren't surprised because his motto was "If you do good for others and talk about it, it doesn't count."

A beautiful story about a bath robe is shared that teaches a good way to handle a terrible situation in the realm of parenting.  As you continue through the book, it is filled with inspiring stories that work to restore your faith in mankind, and inspire you to be a better person. 

I received a copy of the book in order to write a review.


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