Thursday, March 20, 2014

Limited Edition excitement & a giveaway

Have you ever noticed that lately everything is "limited edition"?  I have such a LOVE/HATE relationship with all things "limited edition."  Take the latest Oreo cookies for example:  Rice Krispy treat flavor Oreos  and Cookie Dough Oreos.....(They are AH-MAZ-ING...btw).  I get so excited that they are having a new flavor....I buy it...try it!.....Then I can't ever find it again.  Hence my LOVE/HATE relationship.  Then I get the "I.GOTTA.STOCKPILE.IT.SO.I.CAN.HAVE.IT.AGAIN" mentality.  I am sure that is what marketing teams are going for.  I wish that when companies make great new products, that they keep them around for a while. 

The latest "LIMITED EDITION" product that I had the lovely opportunity to try is the Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh laundry fragrance booster that will be in stores this month.
Have you ever had a scent take you back to another time.  This one reminded me of a friend that I had when I was a teenager.  It was an unexpected trip down memory lane!  I guess they must have used an air freshener or something in their house that had a similar smell as this does.  It is very pleasant. 

I really like to add the Purex Crystals in all my loads of laundry!  It keeps your clothes smelling fresh for over a week (sometimes longer), its safe for all loads (kids clothes, Pj's, exercise clothes, etc) and even towels (It won't reduce the absorbancy of towels!)

Purex Crystals Limited Edition freshens my sheets and towels!

If you feel the same "limited edition" excitement as I do, you will want to go snag a bottle of this lovely freshener before its gone.  It should be out THIS MONTH!

If your feeling LUCKY, (or even if your not....enter anyway)  enter the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given a free sample from Purex to try and review.  However all opinions are my own.


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