Sunday, September 16, 2012

Combat....the ANTs!!

I recently had the opportunity to try COMBAT's latest product.....and just in the nick of time!

As we were cleaning up the yard and pulling weeds, this "LITTLE" group came out of nowhere!

 I read the directions and it was super easy to use.  You just squirt some little drops around where the ants are and they go right to it!

I was pleasantly surprised that it worked SO quickly!

The very next day, there were NO ants to be found!  I was thrilled!

Some info from Combat:
  • One of the fastest active ingredients you can buy to kill ants
  • Insect nerve poison kills ants by contact or ingestion.
  • Starts killing ants in hours so you can see immediate results.
  • High secondary colony kill. Kills ants in a domino effect, eliminating the source of the infestation.
Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel gets your ant problem under control in just three to five days. It’s formulated to attract ants quickly, while its fast-acting insecticide, Fipronil, starts killing in hours. Worker ants return to the colony and feed the bait to the larvae and to the queen, eliminating the entire ant colony. This gel is easy to use so you can apply it in cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach places.
Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel is effective against Carpenter, Pharaoh, Argentine, Cornfield, Odorous House, Thief, Pavement, White Footed, and Little Black Ants.

I highly recommend this product.

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I received this to try for free, but all opinions and results are my own.


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