Thursday, July 19, 2012

10% off Pampered Chef & Giveaway

I love Pampered Chef stuff.  I love to cook.  I guess that goes hand in hand.  There are so many fun gadgets and "must have" items! 

Some of my favorites:  

The deep covered baker.  It is so useful in making "quick" dinners.  You can microwave chicken breasts in the microwave and they turn out so moist and juicy!  (you can even use them partially frozen!)

Make-Your-Own Chips Set.  Make super yummy chips in your microwave!  They are sooo GOOD!

Manual Food Processor.  You can make salsa in seconds and so much more. I like to use it to chop strawberries (for strawberry shortcake).

Mix ‘N Chop.  Its great for when you forget to thaw some hamburger.  You just drop that brick of meat in the pan and mash at it with the mix 'n chop!  Its great!!

Quick Stir pitcher.  I LOVE this!  It mixes your drink with the push of a plunger.

I will be placing an order on July 30th.

I will give you 10% off your ENTIRE order


Spend $60 or more and get the Ice Cream Scoop FREE!

You can order on my website.  Go to my facebook page and you will find a link.

Just click on "SHOP" on the lower left side. Choose option 1 (invited to a show) and type in lorri

The 10% discount won't show up on the website, but I will make sure you get it...or you can email me your order.

  Now for the giveaway...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am an independent consultant 


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