Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Navy & CrowdTap

I finally was chosen to do a sample & share through CrowdTap.  I was sent a coupon for a free pair of shorts for me and a friend.  We went to Old Navy and tried on shorts.  There were some super cute denim "crops" that we both LOVED....unfortunately, our store didn't classify them as "shorts" so they wouldn't let us get them.  We ended up both getting black "bermuda" shorts.  They are still cute, but they won't be my favorite shorts.  The denim crops fit perfectly and were made well and would have been my "go to" shorts.  The black bermudas will be more like a "laundry day" shorts.  I didn't think they had the best selection of knee length shorts, but they had a few cute "crop" and "capri" length ones.  CrowdTap is fun.  If you haven't joined yet, go here!


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