Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Torani Syrups are THE best!

I am a huge fan of flavored hot addict really.  I absolutely love the winter flavors with caramel being my absolute favorite!  I recently had the opportunity (via shespeaks) to try the torani flavored syrups in my hot chocolate...I must say that I am a convert!  This will help me save on buying gourmet hot chocolates by getting a bottle of torani syrup and adding a tablespoon or 2 to regular hot chocolate!

I tried the Peppermint and also (in a separate cup of course) the brown sugar cinnamon.  My DH loved "candy cane" hot chocolate.  I preferred (ok...LOVED) the brown sugar cinnamon.  I can't wait to try all the flavors that Torani has to offer!

Now Torani will make a year round presence in my house...not just a summer visit in italian cream sodas

You can win a free bottle yourself...then you have to choose what flavor strikes your fancy!  Just leave me a comment letting me know what flavor you would like to try.  (I have a couple to give away!)  IF YOU WANT A BONUS ENTRY or 2...follow my blog or FB page and leave a comment about that too!

If you don't win one, you still get a consolation prize....If you go to the Torani website and enter the code: "shespeaks" you will save 10%


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