Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holidays & days to Celebrate!

I was just sorting through some old mail and papers...good ol' dejunking.  I came across a calendar from The Oriental Trading Co. and was flipping through it.  I figured there was coupons, etc...but something that I noticed when I went to August was that there are funny holidays printed on there as well.  So....Guess what tomorrow is.....Yep...back to (home) school day.  Oh wait.  The REAL holiday printed in the calendar.....its National Tooth Fairy Day!  Yep.  Kinda funny....but none the less true!  So we will be celebrating by going to "The Sweet Tooth Fairy" shop.  Its a super cute bakery close to our house.  I guess it will be our first (of MANY) fieldtrip of the year.  Cake I come!

I guess I am just sad I missed National Relaxation Day on the 15th! 

I am excited for the first day of school tomorrow.  Lots of fun curriculum and projects!


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